Steel Shelf in Office

JF Furniture Storage Shelving Introduction

Metal shelving racks are always an amazing and inexpensive alternative when you need to organize your storage space. They are made of metal and this makes them more durable and strong as compared to wooden and plastic storage options. Usually consists of uprights, beams and panels, metal shelf is characteristic with easily assemble&disassemble and adjustable.…

Office Furniture

The Color of Office Furniture Can Cure Disease?

Do the colors of your office furniture or overall office space matter? You might think not. However, studies have actually shown that certain colors can be vexing to the eye while others can actually maximize productivity, even cure disease! The human eye can see over 7 million colors! And while you might want to go…

Peony in Blossom

Luoyang—-A Beautiful City Where Our Company is Located

When you come to visit our factory from far away abroad, you must be better reminded that Luoyang is such a beautiful city which you can’t miss! Peony in Blossom April is an exceptionally hustle-and-bustle month in Luoyang since it’s the blossom season of the nominated China’s country flower—Peony. The whole month of April is called “The…


Seven Factors Tell You Why Choose Steel Lockers

Ideal for schools, factories, gyms, offices and hospitals, steel lockers are commonly found in different dedicated areas and various public places. Why steel lockers are so popular? Maybe the following seven unique factors will tell you the secret. 1. Strength Strength is of course the prime factor that distinguishes steel lockers from other types of…

How to Pick a Good Steel File Cabinet

How to Pick a Good Steel File Cabinet?

Nowadays more and more enterprises prefer to store files in steel file cabinets. While, there are various kinds of cabinets flooding the market. How can we pick a good one? Here are some useful tips as follows: 1. Inquire about the material The steel plate used in office furniture industry mainly consists of two different…

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11 Reasons Tell You Why Steel Furniture Is a Better Choice

Besides being sturdy, steel furniture is attractive, safe, environmentally friendly …, the following 11 reasons will tell you why steel furniture is a better choice. 1. Stable and Durable The Steel Furniture are fabricated mainly with the technics of spot welding and argon welding, all parts are tightly connected with each other and become an inseparable whole…