vertical file cabinet 4 drawer

Product Data:

 Model JF-V04A
 Name Vertical File Cabinet 4 Drawer
 Product Size H1320 * W460 * D620mm
 Package Size H1350 * W650 * D85mm = 0.0746CBM
 Material Heavy gauge cold-rolled steel plate.
 Pre-treatment Water wash, chemical wash, phosphating.
 Finish Durable electrostatic powder coating.
 Colour Classic grey, two-tone option, or other customized colour.
 Accessories 2 keys, assembly screws.

Features of Vertical File Cabinet 4 Drawer

  • Knock down and easy assembling construction.
  • Master keyed central locking system from CYBER LOCK.
  • Anti tilt machanism allowing one drawer opening at one time for safety purpose.
  • Smooth full extension metal ball bearing runners.
  • Internal full length side strength support.
  • 40kg loading capacity for each drawer.
  • Movable file bar for adapting hanging file of different size.
  • Different colour for option.
  • Warranty: 10 years.

5 steps to assemble the Drawer of the Vertical File Cabinet 4 Drawer.


1, Push the back seal to the end.

2, Install the inner rails.

3, Install the front panel.

4, Install the front drawer seal.

5, Install the hanging rods.


8 steps to assemble the Vertical File Cabinet 4 Drawer.


1, Fix the left side and back plate with M5x12 self-tapping screws.

2, Fix the right side in the same way.

3, Fix the front base and back base with M6x12 screws.

4, Fix the top plate from upside.

5, Install the lock rod.

6, Install the outer rails.

7, Turn the key and put the lock rod in the upper position(In Locked state), then fix the drawer. Put the blocking shaft of the lock at the top of the anti-return rail. When the drawer coming into half, turn the key and put the lock rod in the lowwer position(In unlocked state). Fix other drawers one by one.

8, Adjust each part till fit well. Installation finished.



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